Preventing or Handling Errors in Python – Real Python

Dealing with errors and exceptional situations is a common requirement in programming. You can either prevent errors before they happen or handle errors after they’ve happened. In general, you’ll have two coding styles matching these strategies: look before you leap (LBYL), and easier to ask forgiveness than permission (EAFP), respectively. In this tutorial, you’ll dive […]

Please Give Me Some Space | CSS-Tricks

There’s all kinds of ways to do that. Some more advisable and better-suited for certain situations than others, of course. We could do it directly in HTML: <p>We go from one line…<br><br> down a couple more.</p> But that’s what CSS is really for: <p>We go from one line…<span>down a couple more.</span></p> span { display: block; […]

Python in the Web Browser – Real Python

PyScript is a brand-new framework that caused a lot of excitement when Peter Wang, the CEO and co-founder of Anaconda, Inc., revealed it during his keynote speech at PyCon US 2022. Although this project is just an experiment in an early phase of development, people on social media seem to have already fallen in love […]

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