Beautify GitHub Profile | CSS-Tricks

It wasn’t long ago that Nick Sypteras showed us how to make custom badges for a GitHub repo. Well, Reza Shakeri put Beautify GitHub Profile together and it’s a huuuuuuge repo of different badges that pulls lots of examples together with direct links to the repos you can use to create them. And it doesn’t […]

What’s New From May 2022 – Real Python

The first days of May 2022 were the last days of this year’s PyCon US event. Just before the PyCon conference, the Python Language Summit brought together Python core developers, triagers, and special guests. Some of those attendees were the very same people who shipped two important Python releases this month. The third Thursday of […]

Fearless Fund’s Arian Simone on why a downturn is business as usual for minority founders – TechCrunch

Arian Simone sat poised center stage at the Embrace Action Summit to share words that many entrepreneurs in the audience understood far too well. “Women of color are the most founded, entrepreneurial demographic,” she said at the biannual business conference hosted by the Tory Burch Foundation. “They are just the least funded.” Simone is the co-founder […]

SPAs, Shared Element Transitions, and Re-Evaluating Technology | CSS-Tricks

Nolan Lawson sparked some discussion when he described a noticeable shift away from single-page applications (SPAs): Hip new frameworks like Astro, Qwik, and Elder.js are touting their MPA [multi-page application] with “0kB JavaScript by default.” Blog posts are making the rounds listing all the challenges with SPAs: history, focus management, scroll restoration, Cmd/Ctrl-click, memory leaks, […]

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