How to Publish an Open-Source Python Package to PyPI – Real Python

Python is famous for coming with batteries included, and many sophisticated capabilities are available in the standard library. However, to unlock the full potential of the language, you should also take advantage of the community contributions at PyPI: the Python Packaging Index. PyPI, typically pronounced pie-pee-eye, is a repository containing several hundred thousand packages. These […]

What’s New From May 2022 – Real Python

The first days of May 2022 were the last days of this year’s PyCon US event. Just before the PyCon conference, the Python Language Summit brought together Python core developers, triagers, and special guests. Some of those attendees were the very same people who shipped two important Python releases this month. The third Thursday of […]

Preventing or Handling Errors in Python – Real Python

Dealing with errors and exceptional situations is a common requirement in programming. You can either prevent errors before they happen or handle errors after they’ve happened. In general, you’ll have two coding styles matching these strategies: look before you leap (LBYL), and easier to ask forgiveness than permission (EAFP), respectively. In this tutorial, you’ll dive […]

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