Beautify GitHub Profile | CSS-Tricks

It wasn’t long ago that Nick Sypteras showed us how to make custom badges for a GitHub repo. Well, Reza Shakeri put Beautify GitHub Profile together and it’s a huuuuuuge repo of different badges that pulls lots of examples together with direct links to the repos you can use to create them. And it doesn’t […]

SPAs, Shared Element Transitions, and Re-Evaluating Technology | CSS-Tricks

Nolan Lawson sparked some discussion when he described a noticeable shift away from single-page applications (SPAs): Hip new frameworks like Astro, Qwik, and Elder.js are touting their MPA [multi-page application] with “0kB JavaScript by default.” Blog posts are making the rounds listing all the challenges with SPAs: history, focus management, scroll restoration, Cmd/Ctrl-click, memory leaks, […]

Please Give Me Some Space | CSS-Tricks

There’s all kinds of ways to do that. Some more advisable and better-suited for certain situations than others, of course. We could do it directly in HTML: <p>We go from one line…<br><br> down a couple more.</p> But that’s what CSS is really for: <p>We go from one line…<span>down a couple more.</span></p> span { display: block; […]

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